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Carlisle Ambassadors Networking Event: Health & Wellbeing, Tuesday 14th September.

I had the opportunity this week on Tuesday to attend the Carlisle Ambassadors Live Event at Carlisle Racecourse, where the theme of the day was centred around Health & Wellbeing. Naturally this was the perfect event for me to attend being around this topic as a life coach, and the event didn't disappoint.

It was comforting and reassuring at a time when life is opening back up, and events like these can finally happen, that the first event of this kind for Carlisle Ambassadors in the past 18 months due to Covid, focused its spotlight on 'Health & Wellbeing'. It highlights the need for this to be the priority going forwards for businesses and organisations. We cannot return to our old ways. There was an undercurrent in conversations about the changes organisations are wanting to bring about, in order to help and support those that work for them, which both improves employee retention, but also makes for a happier, more productive, balanced & mentally robust workforce. It could be felt the desire to shake things up, and for companies to actively be seen to stand out in improving their wellbeing offering to employees as part of their recruitment packages as part of their wellbeing offering. And it felt really good to feel like I can be part of that and make a difference.

Employees are human beings, with a 360 degree life, and it's not always possible to leave the other areas of life out of work. Life coaching is being seen as a value add that can really help and transform people's lives, both in work and out of work. If organisations are seen to care about the 360 degrees of a persons life, viewing them as a whole person, then brining in a holistic approach to wellbeing is the very thing that creates loyalty, productivity and an overall improvement for the organisation as a whole. Employees are the heartbeat of any organisation. Take attentive care of that heartbeat, because when you take care of that, they'll take care of you.

Here are my couple of snapshots of the event itself. A great day all round meeting some of the fabulous people that make Cumbria & Carlisle so great. :)

Sending love,

Zoe Phillipa, The Human Transformation Coach

Carlisle Ambassadors Heath & Wellbeing Event at Carlisle Racecourse, Tuesday 14th September 2021

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