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Coaching is an investment in yourself, which aims to unlock all that is already within.  Coaching aims to empower the Client through exploration and discovery, placing the client as the expert in their own life. It is the role of the Coach, to ask powerful questions which takes the Client on a coaching journey within each session, from topic and exploration, through to actions and accountability. 

It is not the role of a Coach to give advice, so if this is what you seek then

Coaching may not be for you. Advice does not truly empower any of us,

as it is coming from an external source and may not be the right thing for you

in your life. Coaching trains you to find the confidence and belief in your own

navigation and decision making for your own life, rather than seeking it

externally. After all, you are the expert of you, not anyone else. However,

should there be a place where extensive exploration has been carried out,

and there is a sticking point on a solution arising from the Client, and I myself

have a tool or something I have done or used before that has helped me, that

relates to what we are discussing, then I will offer this as something which may

help, if you are happy for me to do so. It would be unethical of me to hold back

on solutions or tools that have helped me, where you are feeling stuck, so in

this instance advice may be given, but only with your agreement to hear this.

Nothing is pushed onto you. Coaching is a partnership, and I am simply here

to act as a guide to help you discover your own solutions, navigate your own

life and clear your path to a fulfilled life in all areas. A good Coach, just like a

Personal Trainer who delivers results with your health and fitness, help you to get from A to B just that little bit quicker.


A good Coach, one with an ICF certification, who has been properly trained can deliver transformational results for their Clients. It's like having a good friend have a conversation with you on a focused specific area of your life, which we then do a deep dive in on, which is connected to the bigger end goal of what Utopia in your life looks like. That 'friend' is trained in such a way to ask the right questions at the right time, to help you to resolve that one specific area of your life and move forwards with actions and accountability, which thus allow you to see results and move that needle in your life in the right direction of what is right for you. Each session takes you one step closer to Utopia for your life. That is the role of the Coach. And to be honest a Coach should feel a bit like a friend. A connection should be there, and you should feel at ease, and there should be a sense of trust. So please bear this in mind when choosing a Coach for yourself. 

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The table below outlines some of the key differences between coaching, mentoring, consulting & coaching. Coaching focuses on the 'now' and the future. Coaching does not focus on issues of the past. It could be that a combination of these might work best.






A combination of Coaching to focus on the 'now' and future, to move you forwards, but perhaps also Therapy if you have unresolved issues or traumas from the past. I would highly recommend anyone who is reading this who has any unresolved issues or traumas to seek a therapist. It will only stay with you if you do not resolve it, which will simply hold you back. I myself as a Coach have had therapy (CBT therapy specifically) and also Coaching too.


However now as a Coach, I have learnt how to Coach myself. And this is also the aim of Coaching for Clients too. It aims to provide you with the tools and resources, so that you are set free to not require Coaching again, aside form perhaps a one off occasional deep dive on a topic you may need to unpick quickly, which a Coach can help with, which is something offered to Clients, so they don't feel totally alone once they have been through a Coaching programme with me. And as you can see, the key difference being that Coaching empowers the Clients, rather than advice being given. And his is what makes Coaching so powerful, because it helps you to navigate your own life, which instils a confidence going forwards that you really do have all of the answers within, and it teaches you how to go forwards and Coach yourself in your own life. 

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WHAT DOES an "ICF Certified" coach MEAN?

ICF stands for International Coaching Federation. There are only certain Coaching programmes around the world that are recognised by the ICF, which essentially means that Coaching programmes recognised by the ICF meets their standards. ICF is the gold standard of Coaching. The ICF regulates practices through a set of ethical guidelines which you can access by clicking this link: ICF Code of Ethics - International Coaching Federation. Credentials are awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies, setting the standard in the profession.


The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organisation of professionally trained coaches.  The ICF protects clients by developing coaching core competencies, establishing a professional code of ethics and standards, and creating an internationally recognised credentialing program. The Human Potential Institute is an accredited course that provides educational materials, live instruction and resources to coaches in training.

In order to reach certification, the following requirements had to be met:

  • 80 Hours of Face to Face Training

  • 10 Hours of Peer Group Coaching

  • 40 Hours of Client Coaching

  • 5 x Submitted Coaching Audio Recordings Exhibiting Core Competencies & Assessed 

  • 2 Full Day Workshops with Head HPI (Human Potential Institute) Faculty Coaches


Before jumping into Coaching it is essential that you meet your Coach in person, which is why the Discovery Call is offered free of charge. Coaching is a personal thing, and it should feel like a good fit for both the client and the Coach. If you are interested in Coaching, one of the 'Human Upgrade' Coaching Plans, would like to meet Zoe or have any questions, then book a Discovery Call at a time slot that suits you. You can find this under 'Work With Zoe' in the menu tab, and simply follow the instructions.

what to expect if i decide to get coaching?

Following a Discovery Call and you have decided which plan you would like to go forwards with, I will then send you a Coaching Agreement for you to sign and return which includes payment details. In the Discovery Call itself we will book in our first Coaching session on a date and time that suits, and subject to the Coaching Agreement and payment being made we can begin coaching. 

Depending upon which coaching plan you opt for, you may well receive some documents as part of your 'Human Upgrade' coaching plan which will include clear instructions and will form part of our coaching journey together, and will be worked on throughout the duration of your coaching plan. 

Each session will be booked in advance, with actions from each coaching session to begin being implemented into your life, which connects with your bogger vision, goal or where you want to be. 

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