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Straight From the Source

Director, self employed

"When you have had various different forms of counselling, coaching and therapies over the years you might think you have nothing left to learn or have done all of the growing you need to get through life. That isn't always the case.


When I saw Zoe I wanted to look at a how to get the sense of balance and calm I approached my days when studying abroad, and translate that into my day to day life running my own business. For some reason the trappings of the corporate life had a firm grip on me, but when I was abroad the same tasks needed to be done and the same amount of work needed to be completed, but my mindset was so very different. I also wanted to explore listening to my gut so that any decisions I made were from a place within and not being so reliant on checking with other people what they thought I should do. You could argue they were small and insignificant things to approach someone about, but to me they have been fundamental to me finding the much needed peace and validation that I have been seeking.


Zoe has an intuitive way of working with you. She asks the right questions to help you come to your own conclusion. It is truly incredible working with someone who can have such a transformative impact on your life. I highly recommend working with Zoe no matter what area of your life or topic you are wanting to explore and address."

principal recruitment consultant

"I took a leap of faith and started life coaching with Zoe, who I found to be trustworthy, always encouraging, patient and an insightful, and someone who has high integrity and values. 

Working with Zoe was an eye opening experience. She helped me to listen to myself, understand what was important to me, and supported me to make minor adjustments in my daily life which have had a huge impact on both my personal and professional goals. She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly so you're making progress from day one.


I highly recommend Zoe as a life and career coach. In our work together focusing on my career and personal goals, she's provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer tools and processes, and a plan of action to enable my successful growth."

Image by Sean Oulashin

medical doctor

"Zoe and I had a coaching session and focused on one area of my life that I was having difficulty with. She helped me to navigate this area with a series of questions that led me to discover how I could make small changes to kick start a step wise approach to tackling what I was struggling with.

Zoe showed up on time, she was welcoming and set up and ready to go. She introduced me to the concept of the session and gave me an outline of what would be involved. She set out a time plan for me so that I understood how the session would run and so that I could align my expectations with her structure for the session. She listened throughout, and guided me without interruption. There was no judgement, and her responses to my answers were either neutral or supportive and encouraging. She helped me to understand the area I was struggling with without actually providing any advice or implying her own opinion - she simply guided me into understanding it myself with tailored questions that allowed me to develop my own solutions.


Zoe was professional throughout, and never made any claims to understand my situation or know the answers, yet she provided empathy and support in a completely unexpected and calm manner. I was initially nervous, thinking that I would feel pressured to follow her advice or that I might disagree with what she said, however she enabled me to figure out these solutions myself without making me feel like I had to agree with someone else's ideas."

aspiring author & landscape gardener

"Coaching with Zoe is a mini revelation. I came to the session with an idea that I've had for so long, I'd lost conviction in my abilities to see any of it through. But she has such a knack of reading between the lines and asking the right questions. Zoe is a champion of confidence, breaking down a big scary goal to a small attainable first step. She is warm, friendly and professional, and exactly the sort of person you want on your side when you're making changes in your life. A real golden soul."

Image by Sean Oulashin

Director & Owner Marketing Consultancy

"I found true value working with Zoe. She is a really great listener and was able to pick up on what I was feeling without me always being able to verbalize it. She helped me talk through the things that were bothering me, get at the core of what was preventing me from accomplishing what I want to, and helped me come up with creative ways to achieve my goals. A the end of my sessions with Zoe I always leave feeling heard and ready to seize the day. Zoe is truly one of the best life coaches I've ever worked with!"

hr manager

"I connected with Zoe for some much needed life and career coaching. At 38 and in need of a new direction I asked her to help me make sense of all the confusion I had created in my head through over-thinking, over-analysing and worry. Zoe is warm, talented and extremely approachable. After the first session I came away with a much clearer state of mind, a positive mindset that I haven't felt in years and a renewed sense of purpose and direction. My next coaching session is already booked in! Thank you so much Zoe, I look forward to continuing to work with you."

(same as above- review post completion of 10 sessions)

"Zoe was wonderful to work with. I had 10 sessions with her and from beginning to end the experience was fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and a very good listener. I loved the fact that she steered me through the uncertainty and nervousness I had at first and got me to open up to her by coaxing me gently rather than pushing for quick answers as I have experienced with similar coaches in the past. Thank you Zoe for helping me see my full potential and a brighter future!"

Image by Sean Oulashin

EVENTS Director

"Zoe immediately put me at ease with her relaxed and confident demeanour. I am generally someone that struggles to open up and so the thought of a one to one on the topic of me was something that I would dread, however I felt really comfortable with Zoe. Her questions weren’t pushy, and I was able to open up to discuss problems and bounce solutions off each other. The breathing techniques discussed were really useful. I would definitely recommend Zoe for life coaching sessions and look forward to future sessions with her."

postgrad student & working mum

"I got in touch with Zoe because I was really struggling to manage everything I was trying to achieve in my day to day life and finding myself in the 'I have so much to do I just want to sleep' kind of place.


From my first session with Zoe she really got me refocused on the whys of what I was doing and that really helped me to reconnect with my motivation and goals. We had a fantastic honest conversation about the barriers I was coming up again and how we could fight them.  I left the session with a real implementable plan that instantly made an impact on my day to day life.


I keep referring back to the conversations that we had and to my vision board. Zoe is really friendly and easy to talk to, I felt completely comfortable talking about all the things that were going on in my life. It was really refreshing to speak with a coach that emphasised that were I am right  now is also something to be celebrated and reminding me to have gratitude for all I have already achieved alongside the goals that I have, and this has really increased the generally happiness and belief in myself that I have in day to day life."

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