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MEET zoe phillipa HAMILTON


Hello and welcome!  It's lovely to have you here. As The Human Transformation Coach, I work with people to clear their path, find purpose in life, and live a life of fulfilment and authenticity that unleashes their fullest potential. Transformations from the inside, that ripple across all areas of life on the outside. 


We are each as unique as a fingerprint, and I want to help you to get out of your own way, empowering you to fully live life as the best version of your beautifully unique, individual & confident self.  Your dreams can be a reality, because you hold all of the potential, it just needs to be unlocked. 

Some coaching topics and focus areas include; habits, confidence & self belief, productivity & flow, mindset, purpose, intuition & body wisdom, fitness, goals & relationships, addressing individual areas that are holding you back, so that you can fully unlock your fullest potential.

I believe my gift is seeing in others what they don’t see in themselves. I believe I am here to help unlock the potential of people just like you, to flourish in life and live a life that truly makes them thrive.

As a fully certified ICF (International Coaching Federation) Human Potential Coach from the Human Potential Institute, I am here to help you take the next step to unlocking that very potential. Are you ready for your transformation?

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Straight From the Source

Image by Michael Dam

Director, self employed

"When you have had various different forms of counselling, coaching and therapies over the years you might think you have nothing left to learn or have done all the growing you need to get through life. That isn't always the case. 

Zoe has an intuitive way of working with you. She asks the right questions to help you come to your own conclusion. It is truly incredible working with someone who can have such a transformative impact on your life. I highly recommend working with Zoe no matter what area of your life or topic you are wanting to explore and address."

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Image by Brooke Cagle

HR Manager

"I connected with Zoe for some much needed life and career coaching. At 38 and in need of a new direction I asked her to help me make sense of all the confusion I had created in my head through over-thinking, over-analysing and worry.


Zoe is warm, talented and extremely approachable. After the first session I came away with a much clearer state of mind, a positive mindset that I haven't felt in years and a renewed sense of purpose and direction. My next coaching session is already booked in!"

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Image by Svyatoslav Romanov

"I got in touch with Zoe because I was really struggling to manage everything I was trying to achieve in my day to day life and finding myself in the 'I have so much to do I just want to sleep' kind of place.


She really got me refocused on the whys of what I was doing and that really helped me to reconnect with my motivation and goals . We had a fantastic honest conversation about the barriers I was coming up against and how we could fight them.  I left the session with a real implementable plan that instantly made an impact on my day to day life."

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Postgrad student & working mum

Coaching Plans


An investment in yourself

Take a look at the below 'Human Upgrade' Coaching Plans to see which one might work best for you. Coaching is an investment in yourself, and before you consider whether or not to invest in yourself, or deciphering which plan might be best, ask yourself two questions. Firstly... "how much have I spent on investing in personal development for myself for a better life and all round fulfilment in all areas of my life?", and secondly,...."how much have I spent in my lifetime on meals, drinks, nights out, fashion or the latest tech gadgets?".... Now how much is reaching your ideal life and the unleashed best version of yourself worth? How much is the ultimate transformation worth?

Take a Look At The Coaching Plans Below....

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One Session


(Session up to 1 hour via Zoom)

Do you have a topic that needs some clarity? Would you like to get a feel of what a session looks like before making a commitment and investment in more? Book a single session to dip your toe into Coaching, to see what you can get out of it.


• 1 x One Hour Session.

Accountability Partnering Included.

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6 Months


(Sessions up to 1 hour via Zoom)

• 12 Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions.

• Accountability partnering included.
• Text and Email Support Included.
• Detailed Post - Session Recaps.

• Life Vision Document Template incl. Goals for Q4 2021 & 2022.

•  Habits Consultation Matrix & Action Plan for Creating Sustainable Habits (incl. mindset, nutrition, fitness & recovery).

• Interactive Life Litmus Test Tool - an interactive template to gain a birds eye view on each element of your life, in order assess your balance and fulfilment across the various elements of your life, and to make actionable goals to work on these. As inspired from the best seller book 'How To Be Brilliant' by Michael Harper. 

• Book Summary's from Best Sellers The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson & The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters), providing insights on winning habits and how to engrain them in life, and the design of the mind.

• End of Coaching Journey Report

• Exclusive First Access to Retreats & Events.

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4 x Sessions


(Sessions up to 1 hour via Zoom)

• 4 Bi-Weekly Sessions spread over 2 months.

• Accountability Partnering Included.

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8 x Sessions


(Sessions up to 1 hour via Zoom)

• 8 Bi-Weekly Sessions spread over 4 months.

• Accountability Partnering Included.
• Text and Email Support Included.

• Habits Consultation Matrix & Action Plan For Creating Sustainable Habits.

• End of Coaching Journey Report.

Choose Your Plan

Choose One Of The Four Coaching Plans Below

 NEXT STEP: book your free 30 minute discovery call


Now you've had a look at the Coaching Plans, Reviews & FAQ's, (or if not, make sure you have), the first step before investing in any kind of Coaching is meeting your potential Coach. Coaching is a very personal thing, and the Coach you choose should be a good fit. Likewise as a Coach I will only work with clients who are a good fit.


So book in your Free 30 Minute Discovery Call with me, Zoe, where we can run through my style of Coaching a little more, as well as what to expect, and I can answer any questions you may have, and you can just generally get a feel as to whether you feel this would be right for you.


What are you waiting for? Click the link below, and pick a suitable time that works for you. This could be the beginning of the 'Human Upgrade' transformation you've been looking for. The future you and your future life is awaiting you.

Work With Zoe


Tel: 07887850331 

Otherwise please book your 30 Minute Free Discovery Consultation Call to meet me in person and ask any questions you may have & to see if you feel I  am a good fit to partner as your coach. See directly above this contact form or clock on the 'Work With Zoe' tab on the menu bar. Alternatively, feel free to drop me a message below.

Thanks for submitting!

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